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Testing Glucose From Your Tears ? It May Become an Alternative to Blood Tests

By November 16, 2011

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A sensor has been developed by researchers at the University of Michigan that can detect glucose in a person's tears. A collaborative effort to advance this technology is being pursued by other researchers as well. Researchers at Mayo Clinic are attempting to create a sensor that you touch to the white part of your eye for five seconds for a glucose reading.

While poking the white part of your eye several times a day may not sound like an appealing alternative to pricking your finger, it would be less invasive and require no blood.

The main problem researchers are encountering in developing this technology is the low concentration of glucose in the tears as compared to blood. This means that scientists have to find the correct ratio of blood glucose to that typically found in the fluid of the eye to get a consistently accurate result. This would mean that each person with a tear glucose meter would have to calibrate their tear sensors on the meter to their blood glucose levels in order to get a correct reading.

The technology has a significant way to go before it would be available for purchase. Thus far it has only been used on animals.

If this technology were proven to be as accurate as blood glucose testing and was affordable, would you be willing to switch to this type of testing for your blood sugar? Post your comments below.

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November 19, 2011 at 11:08 am
(1) Chandra Prakash from India says:

Definitely, if this technology comes and that too cheap, I would sure go for it. As pricking and seeing blood each time leaves no good taste in anybodies mind, something like this can help us take more glucose readings and get better control of our sugars. Its very sad that we have had diabetes for so long and so many lives suffering (and increasing by the day) with this deadly condition, still nothing really promising or helpful has come out. We know that ideas like this, if they become reality can help diabetics around the world. But doctors, pharmacy and governments are just not interested in losing revenue from this industry. Wake up people, coz this predators gonna eat all of us!!!!!

November 26, 2011 at 9:53 pm
(2) sol says:

i Dont think that its such good idea. first of all u have to triple sterilize ur everything before going anywhere next to my eye. and second. fingers we have ten. so we can alternate. but eyes after 3-4 times will get sore and than what? i think i will stick to finger checking. unless something real better comes up,

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