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December Wrap-Up for Type 1 Diabetes – New Articles

By December 29, 2011

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As 2011 comes to a close I highlight the articles I've created this month to help you better manage your diabetes.

I continue to be convinced that having knowledge about the potential health problems that could occur with type 1 is not bad news. I view it as motivation to practice what we know we can prevent or at least delay the onset of these complications. To that end I've created several articles that address some of these complications.

Over half of adults are currently living with high blood pressure. Having diabetes increases the risk of hypertension. But you can do something about it. This article on diabetes and high blood pressure will tell you what you need to know to keep your blood pressure in check.

Related to high blood pressure is peripheral arterial disease which can affect the blood flow to the legs and feet. Again, there is much you can to do prevent this from becoming a debilitating condition but you must be proactive.

What many people with type 1 don't realize is that high blood sugar can also cause common skin conditions. Virtually all of these conditions erupt due to consistently high blood glucose levels. The key is to manage your glucose to prevent these conditions.

For those up to the challenge, one of the best ways to keep glucose in a healthy range is to practice tight glucose control. This means you go to greater lengths to monitor your blood glucose and manage your insulin therapy in order to keep blood sugar levels in a tighter range.

Two lesser known conditions, Celiac disease and hemochromatosis are also linked to type 1 diabetes. Though they are not household words it is important to know what each of these conditions is about and the symptoms that accompany each.

If you haven't yet heard, the glycemic index is gaining a lot of attention in the diabetes community. My piece, called low glycemic superfoods, tells you what the glycemic index is, how you can use it and gets you started with some superfoods that are low in sugar and high in nutrition.

Finally, an article on what you can learn from reading food labels. Every person who is serious about managing their glucose needs a primer on reading labels with your glucose in mind. This is a quick start guide to that end.

I'd love to hear any of your comments about these articles or others that you might like to see developed for this site. Post your comments below.


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