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How to Check Your Blood Sugar - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Checking your blood sugar (glucose) is the only way you can confidently know what your blood sugar level is at any given time. Fortunately, we now have many  ...
How to Choose a Blood Glucose Meter - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Blood glucose meters are an essential part of your diabetes toolkit. Having type 1 diabetes means you need a way to check blood sugar several times each day.
Alternate Blood Sugar Testing Sites - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Using alternative body sites for blood sugar testing has been a relief to many with type 1 diabetes who have suffered with chronically sore fingers from multiple ...
Blood Sugar Testing and Prediabetes - Low Carb Diets - About.com
Most of the time people with prediabetes don't test their blood sugar -- here's why it works for me.
5 Good Reasons to Check Your Blood Sugar - Type 2 Diabetes
Regular self-monitoring of blood glucose levels (SMBG) gives them a handle on where their blood sugar levels are right at the moment that they test.
What Is the Best Blood Sugar Meter? - Type 2 Diabetes - About.com
This margin for error should not be a concern unless you are aiming for very tight blood sugar control. If you are seeking a meter with excellent accuracy, see my ...
How to Monitor Your Blood Sugar and PCOS - About.com
Jun 10, 2012 ... If consistently high, please talk to your doctor about regulating your high blood sugar levels. You should measure your blood sugar level before ...
Glucose Monitoring - Getting Started - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
The only way you can confidently know what your blood glucose level is at any given time is to test it. Regular testing will help you identify high and low levels ...
Meters That Measure Blood Sugar and Ketones - Type 1 Diabetes
Jun 19, 2014 ... Some blood sugar meters also test for blood ketones. It is particularly important to test for ketones during periods of illness. Learn which meters ...
How To Use a Glucometer for Blood Sugar Monitoring
May 18, 2014 ... At-home blood sugar monitoring devices called glucometers ... First, set out your glucometer, a test strip, a lancet and an alcohol prep pad.
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