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Continuous Glucose Monitoring - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Continuous glucose monitoring is quickly gaining popularity as the preferred form of glucose management. Current cutting-edge technology is called a ...
Blood Sugar Monitoring - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
At the heart of good diabetes management is blood sugar monitoring. Though it isn't fun to routinely check your blood glucose levels several times a day, it is ...
Choosing a Blood Sugar Meter - Guide to ... - Type 1 Diabetes
Jun 22, 2011 ... Continuous Glucose Monitors. Current cutting-edge technology is called a sensor -augmented pump (SAP). It combines an insulin pump with a ...
Continuous Glucose Monitor - Type 2 Diabetes - About.com
Jul 11, 2014 ... Continuous Glucose Monitors, how to recognize high and low blood sugars. Hypoglycemia unawareness.
Continuous Glucose Monitor CGM Definition - Type 2 Diabetes
A continuous glucose monitor (or CGM system) is a handheld personal monitoring device that uses wireless technology to collect glucose readings from a small ...
Glucose Monitoring in Your Daily Life - Everyday ... - Type 2 Diabetes
Currently, continuous glucose monitoring is costly and unavailable to many patients. Further research and product refinements are being sought for the future to ...
Sensor-augmented Pump (SAP) - What Is a ... - Type 1 Diabetes
Sep 3, 2013 ... Minimed Paradigm continuous glucose monitor. ... The addition of a continuous glucose sensor to work in tandem with the insulin pump has ...
Diabetes Research
Continuous glucose monitoring is quickly gaining popularity as the preferred form of glucose management. Current cutting-edge technology is called a ...
What Is Type 1 Diabetes? - About.com
Glucose is necessary for every bodily function, including thinking. ... instead of using up the glucose from the food you eat and using it for energy, it continuously  ...
Diabetes Treatments - Type 2 Diabetes Treatments
Sep 6, 2012 ... Treatment tools include diet and exercise, self-monitoring, oral medications, injected medications, insulin pumps, continuous glucose ...
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