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Treating Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Treating type 1 diabetes, is not to cure you from the condition. Currently, there is no cure. Treatment of type 1 consists of an ongoing process of managing your ...
Natural Remedies for Diabetes - Can They Help?
Sep 10, 2014 ... What is diabetes? Get the scoop on natural remedies for diabetes, including herbs and nutritional supplements such as cinnamon and ginseng.
Is There a Type 2 Diabetes Natural Cure - About.com
Answer: No, there is no known type 2 diabetes natural cure -- nor a mainstream medical cure. Since ancient times, there have been claims of natural cures for ...
Can Canine Diabetes Be Cured? - Veterinary Medicine - About.com
Canine diabetes mellitus is a serious disease and is frequently diagnosed in dogs. Although diabetes mellitus can be controlled for your dog, usually through  ...
Cat Diabetes Insulin Injection Treatment Options - Veterinary Medicine
Cats with diabetes are frequently treated with insulin injections. However, as a diabetic cat owner, you may prefer not to give insulin injections to your cat.
Natural Remedies for Gestational Diabetes - Alternative Medicine
Sep 9, 2014 ... What is gestational diabetes? Get the scoop on vitamin C, astragalus, and vitamin D, three remedies that are being studied for this condition.
Alternative Medicine Solutions for Diabetes
Find out about holistic treatment options for diabetes including home remedies, herbs, supplements, diet and other therapies.
Can Feline Diabetes By Cured - Veterinary Medicine - About.com
Feline diabetes is, in some cases, curable and some cats with diabetes do go into a state of remission in which they no longer need to be treated. Talk to Me by  ...
Cinnamon for Diabetes - Alternative Medicine - About.com
I have been drinking a cinnamon tea on a regular basis, and my blood glucose has come down a great deal. The cinnamon tea has helped control my diabetes.
Natural Remedies for Diabetes Prevention - 3 Solutions
Sep 22, 2014 ... Learn about natural remedies that may help prevent diabetes, such as vitamin D, tea, and cinnamon.
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