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Glucose Monitoring - Getting Started - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Glucose monitoring is one of the first things you learn to do after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Why? Because effective management of your diabetes ...
Continuous Glucose Monitoring - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Continuous glucose monitoring is quickly gaining popularity as the preferred form of glucose management. Current cutting-edge technology is called a ...
How Accurate is Your Glucose Meter? - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
If you check your blood sugar you assume that your glucose meter gives you ... Meter · Estimated Average Glucose (eAG) · Glucose Monitoring - Getting Started.
Glucose Monitoring in Your Daily Life - Everyday ... - Type 2 Diabetes
Contemporary glucose monitoring is relatively quick and painless and can be worked into daily life with little disruption. Glucose monitoring helps people stay in ...
Continuous Glucose Monitor - Type 2 Diabetes - About.com
Jul 11, 2014 ... Continuous Glucose Monitors, how to recognize high and low blood sugars. Hypoglycemia unawareness.
Continuous Glucose Monitor CGM Definition - Type 2 Diabetes
A continuous glucose monitor (or CGM system) is a handheld personal monitoring device that uses wireless technology to collect glucose readings from a small ...
Blood Sugar Testing and Prediabetes - Low Carb Diets - About.com
May 21, 2014 ... Blood glucose monitors aren't expensive (there are often rebates), and they are easy to use. You use a little "pen" -- just push the button and it ...
Is Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Ready for Prime Time?
Nov 11, 2014 ... Non-invasive technologies to monitor glucose without pricking the skin are in various stages of development.
Choosing a Blood Sugar Meter - Guide to ... - Type 1 Diabetes
Jun 22, 2011 ... It is the next technological advance toward a closed looped system, often referred to as an “artificial pancreas,” that can monitor glucose levels ...
5 Good Reasons to Check Your Blood Sugar - Type 2 Diabetes
Jun 18, 2014 ... Regular self-monitoring of blood glucose levels (SMBG) gives them a handle on where their blood sugar levels are right at the moment that ...
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