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Insulin Delivery Devices - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Jan 26, 2012 ... Insulin delivery devices are a fixture for those with type 1 diabetes. You need to get daily doses of insulin to live. Fortunately, there are several ...
Insulin and Medications - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Most people with type 1 begin taking insulin using a syringe and then later switch to insulin pens or an insulin pump. Some stick with the syringe because that is ...
Understanding Basal and Bolus Insulin - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Both basal and bolus insulin are needed to balance the glucose in the body. ... The person using an insulin pump would typically receive a constant low dose of ... FAQ on Insulin Pump Therapy · Insulin Delivery Devices - Your Options ·...
What Is an Insulin Patch Pump - Type 2 Diabetes - About.com
May 21, 2014 ... The old school of thought is that insulin delivery systems such as pumps and pens were meant for people with Type 1 diabetes only.
Levemir® FlexTouch® Insulin Pen - Type 2 Diabetes - About.com
Aug 4, 2014 ... Levemir® FlexTouch® Insulin Pen - the first pen device with a no push extension. ... It is the same medicine just a different delivery system.
Insulin Therapy - Frequently Asked Questions - Type 1 Diabetes
But there are alternative devices for delivery of insulin besides manually using a syringe. There are also a number of research studies being conducted that are ...
Preventing Insulin Shock - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Insulin shock occurs when the level of your blood sugar drops quickly and leads to ... Insulin Site Rotation Tiips · Insulin Delivery Devices - Options · FAQs About ...
Treating Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Insulin lowers the level of glucose in the blood by allowing it to enter your cells to be ... The Basics of Insulin Therapy · Insulin Delivery Devices - Your Options ...
Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Treatment - About.com
However, type 2 diabetes can also be treated with insulin. Here is a ... pre-mixed. Ask your doctor what types of insulin and delivery systems are right for you.
Treatment - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
Treatment for type 1 diabetes involves the continual use of insulin therapy, good food ... Asked Questions About Insulin Pump Therapy · Insulin Delivery Devices ...
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