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Calorie Count - A Valuable Resource for Those with Type 1 Diabetes

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Updated August 06, 2009

Calorie Count - A Valuable Resource for Those with Type 1 Diabetes
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Ever wonder how many calories or grams of fat are in that mound of potato chips? Now you don’t need to guess. Calorie Count is a helpful online tool for people with type 1 diabetes and others that allows you to quickly count carbohydrates and see the specific nutritional values of thousands of different foods. Simply name the food you want to learn about and Calorie Count gives you instant access to all of the nutrition information of that food in one place. This includes:

There is even a grading scale to help you assess the nutritional value of that food. Remember, just counting carbohydrates to assess how the food might raise your blood sugar doesn’t necessarily mean the food is nutritious.

You can even create your own personal food log that keeps your food choices in one place for easy future reference.

Calorie Count also lists many activities and lists the number of calories burned by participating in that activity. If you haven’t tried Calorie Count, give it a try to see how it can help you stick to your meal plan and better manage your diabetes.

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