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Blood Sugar and Ketone Meters

Blood Sugar Meters That Do Double Work


Updated June 19, 2014

Blood Sugar and Ketone Meters

The Nova Max Plus is one of two blood sugar meters that also measures blood ketones.

Nova Biomedical

In addition to testing blood glucose, two meters also provide the ability to test blood ketones. It is particularly important to test for ketones during periods of illness.

Traditionally, ketones have been measured with urine strips, but the American Diabetes Association now recommends blood ketone testing as the more accurate and preferable method for detecting ketones.

Glucose test strips cannot be used in these meters to test for blood ketones. A special type of test strip needs to be purchased.

The chart below lists the glucose meters that measure blood glucose and blood ketones, along with some other important features that may be of interest to you.

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Meters Mentioned in the Table Below

Precision Xtra Compare Prices

Nova Max Plus Compare Prices

Meters that measure blood sugar and blood ketones

Meter Results stored Blood sample Computer download Backlit display Coding needed Company
Precision Xtra 450 0.6 microliter Yes Yes Yes Abbott Diabetes Care
Nova Max Plus N/A 0.3 microliter Yes No No Nova Biomedical
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