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Blood Sugar Meters That Communicate with Insulin Pumps

Wireless Communication Between Meter and Pump Enhances Glucose Management


Updated May 27, 2011

Blood Sugar Meters That Communicate with Insulin Pumps

The One Touch UltraLink is a blood sugar meter that communicates with a specially programmed insulin pump.


Meter and insulin pump communication

Newer technology allows some blood sugar meters to now communicate with specific insulin pumps. The three glucose meters that have this capability are designed to work exclusively with a particular partner insulin pump. For example, the One Touch Ultra Link meter and the Nova Max Link meters are programmed for use with the Medtronic Paradigm insulin pump. The One Touch Ping blood sugar meter is designed to work with the Animus One Touch Ping insulin pump.

Both the One Touch Ping and the One Touch Ultra blood sugar meters are made by Lifescan. Nova Biomedical makes the Nova Max Link.

All three of these meters are used in a similar way as conventional blood sugar meters except that the glucose test result is wirelessly sent to the insulin pump. This information can then easily be used on the pump to calculate a precise bolus dose of insulin. Depending on the meter and pump used, there are many other features that can be accessed.

The chart below lists the glucose meters that have the ability to communicate with insulin pumps along with some other important features that may be of interest to you.

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Two of the three meters mentioned in the table below

One Touch UltraLink Compare Prices

Nova Max Link Compare Prices

Meters that wirelessly communicate with an insulin pump

Meter Results stored Blood sample Computer download Backlit display Coding needed Company Special features
One Touch UltraLink 500 1.0 microliter Yes No Yes Lifescan
Nova Max Link 400 0.3 microliter Yes No No Nova Biomedical
One Touch Ping 500 1.0 microliter Yes Yes Yes Lifescan Only sold and used with Animus One Touch Ping insulin pump
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