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Blood Sugar Meters with Smallest Required Sample

Taking Blood Glucose Testing to New Levels


Updated June 01, 2011

Blood Sugar Meters with Smallest Required Sample

Blood sample sizes can range from 3.0 microliters down to only 0.3 of a microliter

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Blood Sample

One feature that is particularly important to many people is the size of the blood sample. Blood samples range from a sizeable 3.0 microliters down to a very small 0.3 of a microliter. A smaller sample is particularly important for parents of children with diabetes.

When choosing a blood sugar meter it is also important to first determine which features are most important for your needs. Not all blood sugar meters are the same. For example, while the majority of meters have the ability to download your test results to a computer, only a few have a backlight display. A backlight can be important if you often test your blood at night.

There are also meters that will check your blood sugar and your blood ketones. Other meters will check your blood pressure in addition to your blood sugar. Some meters have substantial storage of previous test results while others do not. So, finding the “right” blood sugar meter may start with determining your needs.

The chart below lists all of the meters that require only a 0.3 microliter blood sample, which is currently the smallest amount any blood sugar monitor can measure. Only a handful of meters have this technology. If blood sample size is important, check out these meters.

The chart below also lists other important features that may be of interest to you.

Also check out glucose meters that:

These are some of the meters mentioned in the table below:

FreeStyle Freedom Lite Compare Prices

FreeStyle Lite Compare Prices

Glucocard 01 Compare Prices

Glucocard 01 mini Compare Prices

Glucocard X-meter Compare Prices

Nova Max Link Compare Prices

ReliOn micro Compare Prices

Didget Compare Prices

Blood sugar meters with the smallest blood sample (0.3 microliters)

Meter Results stored Blood sample Computer download Backlit display Coding needed Company Special features
FreeStyle Freedom Lite 400 0.3 microliter Yes No No Abbott Diabetes Care
FreeStyle Light 400 0.3 microliter Yes Yes No Abbott Diabetes Care
Glucocard 01 360 0.3 microliter Yes No No Arkray
Glucocard 01-mini 50 0.3 microliter No No No Arkray
Glucocard X-meter 360 0.3 microliter Yes No No Arkray
MyGlucoHealth Wireless Not available 0.3 microliter Yes No No Entra Health Systems Audible test results, integrated Blue-tooth communication
Element 365 0.3 microliter Yes No No Infopia
Evolution 365 0.3 microliter Yes No No Infopia
Nova Max Link 400 0.3 microliter Yes No No Nova Biomedical Communicates with insulin pump
ReliOn Confirm 360 0.3 microliter Yes No No Walmart
ReliOn Micro 50 0.3 microliter No No No Walmart
Didget 480 0.6 microliter Yes No No Bayer
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