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Blood Sugar Meters with the Largest Storage Capacity

Meters for Analyzing Long-Term Trends


Updated May 31, 2011

Blood Sugar Meters with the Largest Storage Capacity

Most blood sugar meters are small, portable and give fast results

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Most blood sugar meters hold between 100 and 450 test results. There are a handful that have the capacity to save far more. This is especially helpful if you want to use the download option to save your test results to your computer and use compatible software to see long-term trends. The chart below lists the glucose meters that have the greatest amount of storage along with some other important features that may be of interest to you.

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These are some of the meters mentioned in the table below:

One Touch UltraSmart Compare Prices

Contour USB Compare Prices

WaveSense Jazz Compare Prices

Accu-check Aviva Compare Prices

Accu-check Compact Plus Compare Prices

One Touch Ultra2 Compare Prices

One Touch UltraMini Compare Prices

Rightest GM550 Compare Prices

Trueresult Compare Prices

Contour Compare Prices

Didget Compare Prices

Glucose meters with the most storage capacity

Meter Results stored Blood sample Computer download Backlit display Coding needed Company Special features
One Touch UltraSmart 3000 plus 1.0 microliter Yes Yes Yes Lifescan
Contour USB 2000 0.6 microliter Yes No No Bayer
WaveSense Jazz 1865 0.5 microliter Yes Yes No Aga Matrix
Accu-Chek Aviva 500 0.6 microliter Yes No Yes Roche
Accu-Chek Compact Plus 500 1.5 microliter Yes No No Roche
One Touch Ultra 2 500 1.0 microliter Yes Yes No Lifescan
One Touch Ultra Link 500 1.0 mircroliter Yes No Yes Lifescan Communicates with insulin pump
One Touch UltraMini 500 1.0 microliter Yes No Yes Lifescan
Rightest GM550 500 1.0 microliter Yes Yes No Bionime
Trueresult 500 0.5 microliter Yes No Yes Nipro Diagnostics
Contour 480 0.6 microliter Yes No No Bayer
Didget 480 0.6 microliter Yes No No Bayer
EasyMaxN 480 0.6 microliter Yes No No Oak Tree International Holdings
EasyMaxV 480 0.6 microliter No No No Oaktree International Holdings Audible capacity
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