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Living with diabetes is all about controlling your blood sugar. Fortunately there are several avenues that you can use to simultaneously help manage your blood sugar. If you learn the basics from each of the following categories you will be well on your way to having the knowledge you need to manage the normal fluctuations in your blood sugar.
  1. Testing
  2. Injections/Pumps
  3. Food Management
  1. Diabetes Emergencies
  2. Stress Management
  3. Navigating the Healthcare System


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Testing takes many forms with type 1 diabetes. You need tests to diagnose diabetes, monitor your blood sugar, check your longer-term glucose control, and assess your health when you are sick. Fortunately, most of these tests are easy to do and you can do most of them in the privacy of your home.


Until there is a cure for diabetes, daily injections of insulin or the use of an insulin pump is needed. Good injection practices are important for maximizing the effects of insulin. If you are thinking of pump therapy, there are key questions you should consider before making that decision.

Food Management

Food gives us great pleasure but it can also be a source of great frustration with type 1 diabetes. Learning to control the amount you eat is more easier if you have a thought-out plan in mind when you prepare your food or dine out. Here are several approaches to get you started on the right path to successful eating habits.

Diabetes Emergencies

The best way to handle a diabetes emergency is to prevent it. But there are times when an emergency arises such as a sudden drop in blood sugar or an extremely high blood sugar due to sickness. Being prepared for such emergencies will give you peace of mind and confidence that you can navigate the crisis successfully.

Stress Management

There's no avoiding stressful situations in life. The goal is to manage it effectively. What most people with type 1 don't realize, however, is that managing stress is important for keeping blood sugar levels where they need to be -- and it can be easier to do than you may think.

Navigating the Healthcare System

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The healthcare system can be confusing at times. But with the right guidance and access to the best resources, you can be your own advocate and get the answers you need to manage type 1 effectively.

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