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Readers Respond: Why You Have or Haven't Tried Continous Glucose Monitoring

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Updated February 17, 2011

Continuous glucose monitoring is quickly gaining popularity as the preferred form of glucose management. Current cutting-edge technology is called a sensor-augmented pump (SAP). It combines an insulin pump with a continuous glucose sensor that transmits glucose readings to the person wearing the device every five minutes. It is the next technological advance toward a closed looped system, often referred to as an “artificial pancreas."

continuous glucose monitoring

Glucose monitoring system is not available in our country -Sri Lanka. The doctors who are linked to drugs impoting companies in our countru are not bothered and the diabetic people in sri lanka have been kept in darkness by our drug importing companies and endrocrimologists -please send me all the details .I can get published in our National papers about your latest findings.The diabetic patients will be more happy to purchase this type of non injecting insulin delivery systems-thanks!
—Guest amarasinghe
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