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Readers Respond: Rotating Site Methods You Use

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Updated January 13, 2010

Multiple insulin injections each day are a way of life for those with type 1 diabetes. And where you inject the insulin makes a big difference in the absorption level and effectiveness of the insulin. It's easy to keep injecting in your "favorite spot," as this is usually where you find it least painful. However, this can lead to problems, which is why insulin site rotation is a good principle to follow. What methods do you use to rotate sites and keep track of your previous injections?

Rotating site methods

My specialist told my to inject only in the stomach as any other site reduces the dose by 10 percent.

Alan Carstairs

every time i use insulin i get lumps under the skin if i take it in the belly or the leg or my arum where is the best place to take it
—Guest every time i use insulin

Rotating site methods I use

I prefer to inject into my thighs. So rotation is fairly easy for me. One day Iinject in my right leg, the next day my left moving up and down in different areas of the fatty part of the thigh. I Inject at least once every day sometimes more. I really like using the upper thigh and sides of my thigh for my daily injections. Its fairly easy to remember what area was used the day before and that makes rotation easy for me.I like to start at the top of the thigh and work my way down rotating thighs daily. This method has proven to be very effective for me .
—Guest Lynnette
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