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Readers Respond: Insulin Pumps - What You Love or Fear About Using One

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Updated June 01, 2009

Insulin pumps have changed how thousands of people manage their type 1 diabetes. The majority of pump users love their pumps. Some have found that the pump is not as easy and carefree as they thought it would be. Others are curious about the pump but afraid to make the switch. Tell us why you use a pump and whether you like it or why you are reluctant to switch from syringes to a pump.

After 29+ years, I'm not so sure anymore

I'm one of the first people to ever receive a pump, and I've gone through six of them. My first pump was huge, but it saved my life. On my 2nd pump, the window cracked. The third one had some bad infusion sets. No. 4 pump was OK, but I was switched to mail-order insulin. No. 5 was good too, but the company left the market. No. 6 started off working well, but the cartridges were recalled and after some exchanges, continued to leak. I asked my endo guy to let me use Lantus and I love it. I got a record low A1C last month. Shots are a drag, but my highs and lows are much more moderate than when using the pump with fast-acting synthetic insulin. Show me a pump that can get me a 6.0 A1C w/o severe hypos and I'll reconsider again, but for now, MDI is working the best for me.


Altho 4 of my cousins (Type1) use pumps, I'm *scared stiff* about having a constant drip of insulin. I'm the last to hold out, but after 22 yrs, I may have to get one as an alternative answer to extreme hypoglycemias I experience. When 1 cousin's pump accidently disconnected while she was sick, it went unnoticed until her husband took her to the hosp due to her terrible condition. At the hosp, her blood sugar reading was--and I kid you not-- 2,000! Doctors were amazed she was still coherent, much less still alive. Of course, now CGMs help keep these things in check, but those are sometimes faulty & unreliable too. The same cousin was part of the study 35 years ago which has allowed us all to have the option of pumps these days...so she will never give hers up! I love the freedom I have with injections for eating when **I** want...except for midnight wakings for hypoglycemia. IF I decide to be a "pumper", I'll try to get back here to give you my feedback. 9/15/2011
—Guest Orange TX


You do not define the term "frequent". Four times a day? Before and after each meal? How often is appropriate, especially if you are not wearing the pump for any length of time. Or is this to be set by the individual physician?
—Guest Michael

Pumps are blessings.

Hi pumps are the best gifts for kids with type 1. My daughter 8 years identified with type 1 diabetes on 29th march 2010, now on pump for last 1 month. She is much happy as avoiding 5-6 insulin injection pricks per day. The cannula of pump needs to be changed once in 3 days. It also gives better control as its easy to give insulin after food and snacks.
—Guest Manish Kanchhal

I fear about surgerys what do u do

What do u do when u have a surgery and how long can u be in surgery what happens if ur pump brakes and what happens when ur afraid that ur pump is off to long and what if u love the outdoors and u want to go swimming what happens if u want to have a child does it change ur ovalating cycle would ve to take more insulin what happens if ur insurance doesnt pay for it anymore how much does it cost and
—Guest SummerShadd

Help with buying insulin pumps

I dont have a pump yet, just as i was ready for one, my husband was laid off and the insurance went too (couldnt afford cobra at the time). I am having complications because i just cant seem to get the bg under control. Doc has put me one NO carb diet for the time being. I was hoping there was information out there on getting help for low income people to afford insulin pumps. Any information would be much appreciated. I have a 7 year old that i would love to see grow up.

Love it!

I am now 4 years on the pump (Medtronic) and would hope to never have to revert to injections. I am so used to wearing it I forget that it is on me. Here in Ontario the pump and its supplies are covered which makes it much easier to purchase one and its supplies. If nothing else, take a trial on one to see how you fare.
—Guest HelRiv

I want to be a pumper

I hav talked to alot of pumpers who love it, but when the pump fails they don't have the required insulin to take its place
—Guest blewgoose77

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